Map Screen Expiries and Continuations
Map Select. For selecting townships on the map while in Map Select mode
Clear current search
Initial map view, to see the entire province
Zoom to selection
Go to township
Zoom in
Zoom out
View the results for 720, 360 or 180 days This shows the number of expiry and continuation situations for each Entity, in descending order. The total is seen below Choose which columns you wish to have displayed Some townships meeting your search criterion may not be in the viewable portion of the map. Here is a quick way to find out Click the green arrow to export your data to a CSV file
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The Green Menu Button has several menu items. Hover for details
Go to the various EnerLink screens using these buttons, without changing your last view there. Click to view other screens
Sign out of EnerLink
Start a new search (when not in Map Select mode). Hover to view the search screen
The Preview Pane indicates in red the information EnerLink has for the selected Entity. Click a pane to see the information