Admin Console

EnerLink users with admin rights have access to the Admin Console, which is accessed from the round green menu button near the top of EnerLink. The Admin Console shows a list of all EnerLink users at your company. When a user leaves the company, he or she can be deactivated as an EnerLink user with the Admin Console. The administrator is also able to use the console to manage who at the company has administrative rights.

We have added the console for the convenience of our subscribers. They are under no obligation to manage their EnerLink users. We do not charge companies based on the number of EnerLink users, and the EnerLink database is presently read only. Accordingly, there is no downside to a subscriber should an employee leave the company and continue to use EnerLink. We periodically reset passwords and send out emails to test if email addresses remain active. This permits us to detect and disable users who have left a subscriber. It's not foolproof, but catches the vast majority of situations.

All subscribers should have at least one user with admin rights. If you are having trouble determining who at your company has admin rights, send us an email and we will check for you.

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Vital corporate information. We have approximately 3,500 registered users at oil companies, land agents, law firms and seismic, midstream, marketing and pipeline companies.
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