Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnerLink?

EnerLink is a sophisticated database of corporate information that is available to subscribers via a user-friendly web interface. EnerLink also has a service aspect. If a subscriber is unable to locate information in EnerLink, we track down the information at no additional cost.

What kind of data does EnerLink have?

The "core" function of EnerLink is to track all companies that are relevant to oil and gas operations in Western Canada. For each company we attempt to track the following: predecessor companies, major asset transactions, address, phone number, fax number, web site, directors, officers (if public), parents, subsidiaries, partnerships, trade names, aliases, AER Operator Code, and Alberta Energy LSAS number. There are other features that are described below.

Who uses EnerLink?

Over 80% of oil and gas operations in Western Canada are conducted by companies that have EnerLink. We have approximately 4,000 registered users at oil and gas exploration and production companies, midstream and pipeline companies, energy marketers, law firms, seismic companies, land agents and government departments.

How much does EnerLink cost?

EnerLink costs as little as $100/month for company-wide distribution, for small producers. For full pricing information see the Pricing topic at this web site.

How often is the data in EnerLink updated?

There are currently 5 people who update the data in EnerLink. This is a constant process, with data being added and modified each and every business day. Approximately once a week the data is integrated and uploaded to the EnerLink servers.

How do EnerLink users obtain copies of title documents?

All corporate histories and major asset transactions are substantiated by title documents such as certificates of amalgamation, certificates of name change, industry notices and sale agreements. There are over 80,000 of them in the database, with hundreds added each month. All have been scanned as PDF documents and are available from within EnerLink. There is no charge for viewing and printing title documents.

Does EnerLink track only Alberta corporations?

No. There are corporations from over 65 jurisdictions in EnerLink. Nor do we restrict ourselves to corporations. All that matters is that an entity is relevant to oil and gas operations in Western Canada. We track partnerships, trusts, railways, banks and others.

What provinces does the Map Screen cover?

The Map Screen covers only Alberta. Our plan is to add other jurisdictions, starting with Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

How is the EnerLink Map Screen different than our GIS software?

It is not the same at all. What other GIS sofware does, and does very well, is graphically display data such as well points. EnerLink obtains its data from the same sources (e.g. the AER and Alberta Energy), but what we do is manipulate the data with hundreds of steps to derive a limited number of highly useful data sets. For example, we cross reference production data against land ownership data, to permit you to determine the approximate production of all public and private companies producing in Alberta. This can be for the whole company, or for particular fields, units or areas that you select on the map. Another example is our expiry and continuation feature: for any company or area you can generate a detailed list of all upcoming Crown lease expiries within the next 180, 360 or 720 days.

What is the "Who Knows Who" feature?

This is probably the most popular feature with executives and negotiators. EnerLink tracks the directors and officers of thousands of companies. This enables us to determine and display all of the directors and officers that any particular person knows by virtue of his or her directorships and offices. The implications are significant. You may happen to personally know, say, 20 directors and officers. If they each know 10 on average, you now have 200 people at a number of companies with a mutual friend/acquaintance. Arranging an introduction, or even good old fashioned name dropping, can do wonders to get your foot in the door to make, for example, a swap proposal. As the old adage says, its not what you know but who you know. EnerLink takes this one important step farther.

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