New Developments

May 2017 - Mineral Reports Quick Print

In May 2017 we added a new quick print button for Mineral Reports. See the item below for details about Mineral Reports.

November 2013 - Mineral Reports

In November 2013 we added a new Mineral Report interface that is accessed from the green menu button in EnerLink. Users can search active Alberta Crown leases and licences, then view/print a Mineral Report for each. The format of our Mineral Reports is different than those obtained directly from Alberta Energy ($6 each), but the information comes from the same source - Alberta Energy, whose data we download and process each business day.

Mineral Reports can also be generated from 3 of the map screens in EnerLink (Mineral Land Holdings, Offset Compensation, and Expiries and Continuations). From the Map Screens it is possible to search multiple townships at a time, as well as search by company.

Mineral Reports are generated immediately upon request in a new browser window and, of course, can be printed. They are portrait oriented and usually fit on 1 or 2 pages. Mineral Reports can also be generated for active Alberta-located Indian Oil and Gas leases.

There is no charge for Mineral Reports.

June 2012 - Address Notifications, Entity Lists and Extra-Provincial Registration

In June 2012 we introduced three upgrades.

First, we added another type of email notification, for Address Changes. These emails notify users of address changes and new addresses as soon as they appear in EnerLink. Users can elect to receive information about all or some of the following: addresses, phones, faxes and websites. To sign up, go to Email Notifications from the green menu button near the top of EnerLink.

Second, users can now create one or more lists of companies that are of particular interest to them, such as joint venture partners. We call these Entity Lists. So far there are two things that can be done with Entity Lists. First, users can restrict Email Notifications to companies on an Entity List, so they have less information to sift through with each email. Second, Entity Lists can be used in the Address Screen, to generate a list of address information for all members of an Entity List. With the export function, a user can export the data to a CSV file, which can then be used for Word merges or other purposes. Entity Lists are self-maintaining in that they automatically update to reflect corporate changes such as name changes and amalgamations. Members can be added or removed at will. Entity Lists will play a greater role in EnerLink over time. To get started, go to Entity Lists from the green menu button near the top of EnerLink.

Third, users can now determine in EnerLink if a company is extra-provincially registered in another province. Up to now we have only provided status information for the home jurisdiction of a company. The extra-provincial information can be seen in three places: the Chain Screen (with Jurisdiction; Corp ID), near the top of all 5 Details Screens (with Jurisdiction), and in the bottom-right portion of the Title Documents Screen (just under the ACTIVE designation). Extra-provincial information is provided for Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, for companies that have well licences or registered mineral rights.

December 2011 - Data Export

Effective December 2011, it is possible to export data in CSV format from a number of the EnerLink screens. Simply perform your search and click the green arrow on the top right corner of the data grid. You will be prompted whether you want to open or save the data. Your desktop operating system controls how the export is managed.

November 2011 - Email Notifications

We added our first two types of email notifications in November 2011. Users can now receive emails providing details about corporate changes (e.g. amalgamations and name changes) as soon as they are uploaded to our servers. This service augments the Recent Changes Screen in EnerLink. Information about corporate changes is usually uploaded once or twice a week. Another type of email notification is for items that we document in Recent Developments. These are typically press releases that pertain to pending corporate transactions and notices of available asset packages. We typically upload this information about three times a week. To receive email notifications, sign into EnerLink and click on the round green menu button near the top centre. Select Email Notifications and follow the instructions from there.

February 2011 - Admin Console

An Admin Console was added to EnerLink in February 2011. It permits those with admin rights to see a list of registered EnerLink users at their company and to deactivate registrations, typically when someone ceases employment. We have added the console for the convenience of our administrative contacts. They are under no obligation to manage EnerLink users. We do not charge companies based on the number of EnerLink users, and the EnerLink database is presently read only. Accordingly, there is really no downside to a subscribing company should an employee leave and continue to use EnerLink. We periodically reset passwords and send out emails to test if email addresses remain active. This permits us to detect and disable users who have left a subscriber. It's not foolproof, but catches the vast majority of situations. The Admin Console is accessed from the round green menu button at the top of the EnerLink screen. Only people with admin rights have access to it. In addition to deactivating registrations, administrators can control who has admin rights at their company.

December 2010 - Internet Version

The desktop version of EnerLink ceased to be supported in December 2010. The internet version of EnerLink was developed using ASP.NET 3.5 and AJAX. It runs entirely within a browser, and is browser-independent (from IE6, Firefox 3, Chrome 1, Opera 9, Safari 4 PC, and Safari 3.2 Mac). There is no footprint whatsoever on user workstations, which eliminates the need for IT support apart from standard browser and Adobe Reader issues, which have to be taken care of in any event. Moving to the internet enables us to enhance EnerLink incrementally over the coming years without inconveniencing subscribers with any further installations.

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