Over 80% of oil and gas operations in Western Canada are conducted by companies that have EnerLink, making it one of industry's most widely used oil and gas database services. EnerLink obtains its data from dozens of sources, then painstakingly integrates it to create a powerful yet user friendly program. EnerLink helps identify business opportunities, improves decision making and results in significant administrative savings.

Users include oil and gas exploration and production companies, midstream and pipeline companies, energy marketers, law firms, seismic companies, land agents and government departments.

EnerLink's detailed corporate information is used company-wide. We have approximately 4,000 registered users: executives, engineers, geologists, accountants, negotiating landmen, mineral and surface land administrators, lawyers, energy marketers and others.

With EnerLink you can . . .

  • generate a list of Crown mineral rights owned by a company and/or in selected areas
  • do the foregoing, but identify only expiry situations (180, 360 or 720 days) - great for farmin opportunities
  • do the foregoing, but identify only offset compensation situations - again, for farmins
  • for Crown leases and licences, get most of the information contained in a Crown search letter
  • determine working interest production, searching by company, field, unit, or selecting on map
  • for producing wells, drill down for well information
  • view and print over 89,000 title documents, including non-publicly available asset documents
  • view detailed company histories forwards and backwards, all steps at a glance
  • use industry's largest and most accurate database of addresses, phones, faxes, web sites, etc.
  • copy and paste addresses into documents
  • ascertain thousands of directors and officers
  • reverse search directors and officers (i.e. search by person, not just by company)
  • see "who works with who" - used by executives and negotiators to leverage their contacts
  • easily determine LSAS numbers and ERCB codes (with Sask and BC to be added)
  • use our CAPL Industry Agreement analysis tool
  • quickly determine parents, subsidiaries, partners, partnerships, trade names and aliases
  • update stakeholder tables using our What's New function
  • have a comprehensive list of pending transactions
  • identify "Families" - companies that do not deal at arm's length with each other
  • use our search service - ask us to follow up on matters for you, at no additional charge
  • monitor corporate changes, address changes and recent developments with our email notification service

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Vital corporate information. We have approximately 3,500 registered users at oil companies, land agents, law firms and seismic, midstream, marketing and pipeline companies.
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