EnerLink Pricing for Producers

EnerLink licences are issued on an annual basis and permit unlimited company-wide use.

The annual price for new subscribers who are startups or producers is based on production in BOE/d (10:1), as set out in the formula below.

  • Base price of $600
  • Plus $1.00 per BOE/d to 10,000 BOE/d
  • Plus 50 per additional BOE/d to 70,000 BOE/d
  • Plus 25 per additional BOE/d to 200,000 BOE/d

  • The formula applies for two years, giving time for the amount of Enerlink use to be established. After two years, annual renewal pricing is based on usage over the months prior to renewal, as is the case for all long term subscribers. Renewal pricing is capped at double the formula. The graphs below illustrate this.

    For further information or to inquire about subscribing, please send us an email at info@enerlink.ca.