Technical Issues

General Overview

The current version of EnerLink was released in November 2013. It was developed using HTML 4.1, ASP.NET 4.5, Visual Studio 2012, Ajax Toolkit 4.97.4951.28483 and MapGuide It runs entirely within a browser. There is no footprint whatsoever on user workstations. EnerLink can run in Internet Explorer 6 - 10 and recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari (PC and Mac).

IE9 Whitespace Bug

EnerLink has some large data sets, particularly with the map screens. We permit up to 10,000 rows of data to be displayed. IE9 has a relatively well-known bug known as the whitespace bug. For some reason, with large data sets, IE9 randomly inserts in one or more rows of data, an extra cell containing a single space. This creates what has become known as a ghost column for each such extra cell. The displayed data will still be correct, but the columns will no longer observe their intended width. It is benign but not asthetically pleasing. Most users will rarely if ever experience the whitespace bug because these large data sets are rare. The problem will go away if you use compatibility mode or move to IE10.

Map Timeout

The map will timeout after 60 minutes of non-use. The user must then close the tab or browser and launch a new session of EnerLink if he or she wants to continue using the map.

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