Company-Wide Uses


"In seconds I can generate a land schedule for any company, focusing on upcoming expiries. I have been able to generate a number of large farmins that have created significant value for my company."

Production Analysis

"I was asked to determine take-over targets in our core areas having production of between 200 and 500 BOE/d. I was able to do this with virtually no effort, along with a list of the relevant directors and officers."

Company Evaluations

"Prior to EnerLink my company evaluations were inaccurate because I didn't know my targets well enough. I didn't know previous names, subsidiaries, partnerships, and rolled up companies. Now with EnerLink's Family feature, my evaluations are more precise."

Production Delays

"We held up producing a well for 3 months while we located an obscure company so we could pool. With EnerLink we would have avoided drainage that cost us thousands of dollars."

Missed Opportunities

"I look for bypassed pay situations. Before EnerLink I often could not track down what happened to defunct companies. Many opportunities were missed."

Time is Money

"When word gets out about a discovery, land prices in the area can skyrocket in a heartbeat. EnerLink pays for itself many times over by letting us clinch deals as fast as possible."


"I oversee a team of consultants to integrate purchases. With EnerLink we can do the job in a fraction of the time. We saved over $16,000 of consulting fees on our last acquisition alone!"

Accounts Receivable

"We used to regularly write off unpaid accounts below $1,000 if we had trouble locating the debtor. With EnerLink our recovery rate has improved dramatically."

Central Database

"Our various departments don't always co-operate. Now everyone has access to the same high-quality information, including land, accounting, A & D, legal and exploration."


"Without EnerLink we would have missed a critical year-end closing deadline. Now we can keep up with our dealmakers, have lower closing costs and get fewer rejected documents."


"EnerLink tracks directors and officers and analyzes 'who knows who' so I can leverage off 'friends of friends'. I can almost always get my foot in the door, and we've been able to do deals that previously went nowhere."

Lowering Costs

"Here's my advice to fellow controllers: Don't resist EnerLink, insist upon it. It pays for itself many times over. It is very affordable for all companies, big and small."

Production Accounting

"Cleaning up our DOI's seemed like an insurmountable task. EnerLink made it very manageable."


"We spent months manually determining joint owners of seismic. We finished the task at least 10 times faster with EnerLink."

Contract Administration

"Enerlink is essential for day-to-day contract administration. We have been able to put off hiring extra staff because we have it."

Monitoring Competitors

"EnerLink tracks parents, subsidiaries, partners, aliases, directors and officers. This helps us monitor our competitors who use related companies to disguise their activities."

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