2017 Pricing

EnerLink licences are on an annual basis and permit unlimited company-wide use. For producers, the price is $1,200 per year plus an amount that is based on production in BOE/d (6:1). The formula is set out below. You can avoid performing the calculations by using the graphs.

  • Base price of $1,200
  • Plus $3.50 per BOE to 1,000 BOE ($4,700 for 1,000 BOE)
  • Plus $1.48 per BOE for next 9,000 BOE ($18,020 for 10,000 BOE)
  • Plus 91 per BOE for next 60,000 BOE ($72,620 for 70,000 BOE)
  • Plus 46 per additional BOE ($115,000 maximum reached at 162,130 BOE)
  • Non-producing companies should contact us to discuss pricing.

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