EnerLink Pricing

Effective October 1, 2017 our 2018/2019 pricing is in effect for new licences.

EnerLink licences are issued on an annual basis and permit unlimited company-wide use.

All licences issued between October 1, 2017 and January 1, 2018 will expire January 1, 2019 (with the remainder of 2017 included at no cost).

For existing EnerLink subscribers who are producers, the MAXIMUM annual price is based on production in BOE/d (6:1), as set out in the formula below. Many pay less than the maximum price, as they qualify for a reduced fee due to low usage. The graphs below show the range of fees paid by existing EnerLink subscribers that are producers, always at or below the maximum price.

NEW LICENCES for producers are issued at HALF of the maximum price for the first two years. This gives new subscribers time to establish their amount of use. After two years they are treated like other subscribers. The graphs below show the fees paid by producers under new licences.

TO SUMMARIZE, the formula below is the MAXIMUM price for existing subscribers that are producers (many pay less), and new licences for producers are issued at HALF this amount for the first two years. Please refer to the graphs below.

  • Base price of $1,800
  • Plus $3.50 per BOE to 1,000 BOE ($5,300 for 1,000 BOE)
  • Plus $1.50 per BOE for next 9,000 BOE ($18,800 for 10,000 BOE)
  • Plus $1.00 per BOE for next 60,000 BOE ($78,800 for 70,000 BOE)
  • Plus 50 per additional BOE ($143,800 maximum reached at 200,000 BOE)

  • We invite non-producers to contact us to discuss pricing.

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