Free EnerLink Trial

In under two minutes you can be up and running with a free 14-day trial of EnerLink.

Simply enter your email address below and click the Send button. You will receive a confirming email with a link. Click the link to receive a further email with your password.

To log in to EnerLink, go to our home page (there is a link at the top left of this page) and click the "Sign In or Self-Register" link near the top. That brings you to our Sign In page.

At the Sign In page, enter your email address and password where indicated, then click the Sign In button.

Users always start out in the Chains Screen of EnerLink. The typical way to proceed is to click the red search button near the top left of the screen.

The Chains Screen, like most EnerLink screens, has a green question mark button near the top left that brings up an annotated screenshot. If you would like telephone pointers to get started or an online training session, please contact us at info@enerlink.ca.

Blainco Energy Ventures Ltd. reserves the right, at our sole unfettered discretion, to deny free trials, limit the scope of free trials, and to terminate free trials prior to 14 days elapsing.