Chain Screen
The Target Entity determines which Entities are displayed in the Pre-Target and Post- Target areas
An arrow signifies an asset transaction
Successors of the Target Entity, in the Post-Target area, are in chronological order by default History and Status summary. Full information is provided in the Details - Title Documents screen We give each Title Document a unique number. They have been scanned and reside on our web servers. Click the hyperlink to view and print in PDF The EnerLink ID is a unique, permanent number given to each Entity. It can be used as a universal industry wide code Predecessors of the Target Entity, in the Pre-Target area, can be viewed and printed in “Chain View” to see how they are related to each other Most columns can be sorted
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Start a new search. Hover to view the search screen
The Green Menu Button has several menu items. Hover for details
Go to the various EnerLink screens using these buttons, without changing your last view there. Click to view other screens
Sign out of EnerLink
Select an Entity and click the Link Button to make the Entity the new Target Entity
The Preview Pane indicates in red the information EnerLink has for the selected Entity. Click a pane to see the information