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By default only transactions and relationships for the most recent EnerLink update are shown. Instead, you can select a range of dates going back as much as 60 days or so
Most columns can be sorted We give each Title Document a unique number. They have been scanned and reside on our web servers. Click the hyperlink to view and print in PDF Monitor what Parent/Subsidiary relationships have been added to EnerLink recently. This helps track transactions such as take-overs, where there is no Title Document Monitor what Title Documents have been added to EnerLink recently. This is helpful to those who maintain stakeholder tables. You can see the name of the old Entity, the type, date and description of the Title Document, and the name and status of the new Entity
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By default all changes meeting your date criteria are shown. To restrict the results to certain companies, use the search button. Hover to view the search screen
The Preview Pane indicates in red the information EnerLink has for the selected Entity. Click a pane to see the information